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Koalas or Dumps?

I believe in Ipswich and its future. Sadly, there are some proposals under consideration at State Government level which threaten the quality of that future. I will not submit to those threats.

It’s about the best use of land. What would you prefer next door, koalas or a massive rubbish dump?

Silly question? Unfortunately, it’s a relevant one for some of our Ipswich residents.

Local koala protection groups have asked the State Government to help expand the Ipswich koala population’s habitat area into the Ebenezer and Jeebropilly mine sites. I support their stance.

But what is different about this area?

The major mine sites are situated between Rosewood and Willowbank; home to many families. Currently they are in the proposal stages for transformation into landfill waste dumps. It is a horrifying prospect.

The waste would be transported via the already inadequate highway system from New South Wales. The impact on interstate travellers and local residents alike will undoubtedly be devastating if the proposals are successful. Not only will Ipswich be affected but all the towns on the New England Highway in Northern NSW and Southern QLD will have to cope with convoys of garbage, day and night. And think of the wildlife!

It doesn’t bear thinking about.

Instead, the proposal to rehabilitate the Ebenezer and Jeebropilly mine sites to deliver additional vital koala habitat that links areas already identified as priority koala habitat is by far the most sensible proposal for future use of this land that I have seen.

As reported in the Queensland Times, the Ipswich Koala Protection Society and the Lock the Gate organization say that the Department of Environment and Science should block the landfill applications. The sites should be rehabilitated to prime koala habitat, they say.

The state-led Koala Conservation Strategy has identified areas around both sites as potential habitat areas for koalas. The IPKS vet, Dr Rebecca Larkin reported that they have been rescuing and releasing rehabilitated koalas back into the area for more than 25 years.

How does that fit in with the idea of a super dump? Clearly, the koalas could not thrive or survive.

In addition, “Conversion to landfill is a huge lost opportunity to expand koala habitat and further secure the future of the species,” Lock the Gate rehabilitation spokesman Rick Humphries said.

It is up to each one of us, the average Aussies, to protect our endangered iconic native animals. They are struggling. Anything we can do to assist with their survival is worth doing.  These two organisations are dedicated to their conservation and I applaud their efforts.

I am sure that the local residents of Willowbank and Rosewood would very much prefer to be living near to koala habitat than a couple of new super dumps.

It would by far have to be considered the best use of the land.
If elected I will staunchly defend the rights of Ipswich residents to enjoy a quality lifestyle in peaceful surrounds.



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