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Unloading bays back for Rosewood Recycling and Refuse Centre

The unloading bays at the Rosewood Recycling and Refuse Centre are poised to recommence operations next month, following extensive repair work to address subsidence issues at the site. Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding, Chair of the Growth, Infrastructure, and Waste Committee, revealed that the bays had been closed for nine months due to subsidence, construction challenges, and adverse weather conditions.

Mayor Harding emphasised the significance of the Rosewood Recycling and Refuse Centre, which is over 30 years old and is slated to be replaced by the new Western Resource and Recovery Centre. This new facility aims to support the burgeoning Rosewood-Thagoona-Walloon corridor. In the meantime, the council has undertaken the reconstruction of the unloading bays, restoring the site to full capacity and ensuring improved access to refuse and recycling services for local residents.

Councillor Paul Tully, Deputy Chairperson of the Growth, Infrastructure, and Waste Committee, highlighted the upgrades to the unloading bays as part of the council’s commitment to enhancing waste collection services for residents. He noted that temporary skip bins were provided during the closure to enable continued access to recycling and waste services for the community.

Deputy Mayor and Division 4 Councillor Russell Milligan expressed optimism about the changes, stating, “In addition to the bin bays, there are new safety rails, bump stops, and compacted road base for improved backing into bays. Additionally, there is a more robust load-out area for our vehicles to access and replace and remove bins.” Despite the project taking longer than initially forecasted, he explained that weather conditions and additional construction challenges were contributing factors.

Division 4 Councillor Kate Kunzelmann revealed that, based on independent engineering advice, the council chose to keep the original bays closed until repairs were completed as a safety precaution. She assured that all other services at the site, including green waste and recycling options, remained unaffected during this period.

Deputy Mayor Milligan added that the centre is expected to resume normal operations on 7th February, and users will appreciate the improvements made. Councillor Kunzelmann emphasised the council’s commitment to a city-wide Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan, outlining the strategy for delivering fit-for-purpose resource recovery facilities in high-growth areas. She encouraged residents to explore more information about the plan at



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