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Councillor Russell Milligan appointed new Ipswich City Council Deputy Mayor

During the Ordinary Council Meeting on Thursday, 27th April, Russell Milligan, the Chairperson of the Environment and Sustainability Committee and Division 4 Councillor, received unanimous appointment as the new Deputy Mayor of Ipswich. Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding extended her congratulations to Cr Milligan and expressed gratitude to Division 1 Cr Jacob Madsen for his service in the role over the past year.

Mayor Harding welcomed Cr Milligan to his new position and expressed anticipation for their collaboration within the senior councillor leadership team. She emphasised their effective partnership and shared commitment to uniting people and working closely with the community to achieve positive outcomes for Ipswich.

Cr Milligan, honoured by the unanimous trust placed in him by fellow councillors, pledged to fulfil his duties with dedication, representing the city and its residents. Reflecting on the challenges Ipswich faced in the past year, particularly major floods and devastation, he underscored his commitment to continue contributing to the city’s recovery in his new role as Deputy Mayor.

The appointment aligns with the council’s decision to rotate the Deputy Mayoralty each year throughout the four-year council term. Despite his new responsibilities, Cr Milligan will retain his role as Chairperson of the Environment and Sustainability Committee and continue as the deputy chairperson of the Local Disaster Management Group.

Cr Milligan takes over from the outgoing Deputy Mayor, Jacob Madsen, who has completed his one-year rotation in the role. Notably, previous Deputy Mayors during this term included Division 3 Cr Marnie Doyle, Division 2 Cr Nicole Jonic, and Division 1 Cr Jacob Madsen. The appointment of Cr Milligan marks a positive development for the residents he represents in the western and rural parts of Ipswich, as they now have a divisional councillor serving as Deputy Mayor.

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