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It’s a win-win for all of us

Did you see this recent article in Ipswich First titled ‘Growing a solution to water pollution‘? It’s a good news story.

What a great initiative!

The land and waterways management being undertaken by Ipswich City Council on behalf of our community is essential to the future of our natural environment. Should I become one of your Ipswich City Councillors I will support sensible measures like this across the whole of the Local Government Area.

This and similar projects must be done to help alleviate the impacts of urban development on our environment. Urban spread is inevitable so let’s ensure that we optimise the conditions for everyone and everything i.e. Man and Nature.

These projects are funded by the Stormwater Quality Offsets Scheme. Developers contribute to this fund and Council creates waterway projects that have multiple benefits for the region. This is good development management by our Council and a worthwhile use of ratepayer funds plus developer contributions.

Council’s Natural Environment and Land Manager, Phil Smith says:

“Ipswich is one of the few Councils doing this work ourselves.”

Think of the savings and quality control by not outsourcing the projects to external firms. Isn’t it better that you, the Ipswich ratepayers and residents, can liaise directly with Council about local work rather than having to wade through multiple communication channels to get information? Keeping it in-house is better all around.

We’ve got to get it right. Our natural environment must be protected and managed to reduce harmful impacts from development. Whether it be native flora, fauna, water quality in the water courses and ground water, or the small or larger ecosystems, it is all important and should be viewed holistically. Our natural environment must be taken into consideration at any time that human activity impacts upon it and that the conservation of it should take priority.

Things can still be done; there’s no need to halt development. A growing population must be housed. We just need to achieve it in an environmentally sustainable way.

And it is. The best explanation, with images, is in the above mentioned post. Here is an excerpt:

“The benefits can be seen in places like Wallaby Ware Park, Brassall.

Two years ago the drainage system was an overgrown spoon drain, prone to erosion and sending litter and pollutants into Ironpot Creek that was harmful to fish, degraded water quality and caused algae to bloom.

Council built a low-maintenance bio-retention basin and vegetated swale – essentially a large, shallow hollow filled with sand-based filter and native plants.”

Mr Smith said “Projects such as this – bio-retention basins, reconstructed wetlands and vegetated swales – recreate the natural process and filter out a lot of pollutants before they get to the creeks and waterways.

As I said in the title “It’s a Win-Win for all of us.” Vote for me as your Councillor in Division 4 in March 2020 and we’ll keep on getting it right. You have my commitment on it.

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