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Council hopeful follows in father’s footsteps

Brassall resident Russell Milligan announces candidacy for Division 4 of Ipswich City Council, saying that the council must return to basics and not stray from its core purpose.

“Like so many residents in the Ipswich area, I have had my share of concerns with the Ipswich Council. I don’t want to see a repeat of what has gone on, regarding corruption and misconduct, so I wish to step up and contribute to the solution,” Mr Milligan said.

“We must restore honour and pride back to Ipswich – we need a change. No more junket trips, no more indulgence, no more wasting ratepayer funds and no more corruption. Ipswich residents want a renewed focus on roads, public spaces, clearing council debt, bringing business into the area and making sure our community is safe.”

Mr. Milligan has a pedigree in Local Government having been exposed to family involvement in Local Government affairs with his father being a former elected member of Laidley Shire Council. He has decades of involvement in the localities of Division 4 and knows the area and many of the residents and community groups very well. Having personally come from a farming background and living in a rural community, he has first-hand knowledge and experience of the matters that concern rural living as well as those that affect urban areas. This will be essential for whoever takes on the role of representing the people of Division 4 and advocating their needs in council.

“I grew up hearing about responsibility and the business of Council and now I want to be a contributor to the solutions of often complex matters faced by Council. I am ready for it and want to bring some desperately needed respect and integrity to the Council chambers of Ipswich. Serving in your Local Council used to be a community service, not a career, and I want to restore that service.”

With a background in the military as a commissioned officer (Platoon Commander) in the Military Police, Russell is disciplined and self-employed as a telecommunications technician with a successful business employing up to 6 sub-contractors performing the build and rollout of telecommunications networks.

“I have always believed the best training ground for commercial experience, efficient cost management and work ethic is being self-employed. I need to avoid waste and mistakes or I personally pay for them. It develops a sharp eye for running an efficient business, and that is what I would like to contribute to the council,” Mr Milligan said.

Mr. Milligan says he is not a member of any political party and will stand as an independent candidate.

“I do not believe that political parties should be involved in local government. Councils are here to administer community services, not be the training ground for political party ‘yes’ people or for aspiring career politicians to use their time on Council to further their own agendas.”



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