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Community Matters – Division 4 update (December)

In the lead up to Christmas, Deputy Mayor Russell Milligan and Councillor Kate Kunzelmann came together at Sutton Park in Brassall to update residents and businesses in Division 4.

With Cr Kunzelmann not seeking re-election in the new year, this is one of her last updates to the community as local councillor.

Division 4 of Ipswich City Council is oriented in a west-east direction and includes the suburbs of Amberley, Ashwell, Barellan Point, Blacksoil, Brassall, Churchill, Chuwar, Haigslea, Ironbark, Karalee, Karrabin, Lanefield, Marburg, Moores Pocket, Mount Marrow, Muirlea, North Ipswich, North Tivoli, Pine Mountain, Rosewood, Tallegalla, Thagoona, The Bluff, Tivoli, Walloon, Woolshed, Wulkuraka (north of the railway line), and Yamanto.

Blackwood Avenue Kerb and Channel Upgrade (North Ipswich): Elevating Local Roads in Division 4

In a dedicated effort to elevate the standard of local roads within Division 4, this year’s council budget prioritises the upgrade of the kerb and channel along Blackwood Avenue in North Ipswich. Anticipated completion of the project is set for March. The council expresses gratitude to residents for their patience and cooperation in navigating the worksite.

Illuminating Sutton Park, Brassall: Lights Bring Extended Hours of Play and Training

Sutton Park in Brassall welcomes a transformative change with the installation of new lights. Catering to the needs of our community’s athletes and families, these lights extend play and training hours well into the evening. Recognising the vital role sports play in fostering city connections and promoting health, the new lights enable year-round field use, providing players with opportunities for night-time training and play.

Adelong Avenue, Thagoona Upgrade: Stormwater Drainage Culverts and Future Road Enhancements

Council initiatives extend to the improvement of Adelong Avenue in Thagoona, with a focus on removing and replacing existing stormwater drainage culverts. This comprehensive upgrade, involving service relocations, demolition work, and the construction of new culverts, required a temporary road closure from November to March. The progress sets the stage for a more extensive upgrade to Adelong Avenue in the upcoming financial year, promising enhanced infrastructure for the community.

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