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Ipswich waste directive review complete

As the Deputy Mayor and Division 4 Councillor, I am pleased to report significant progress in the comprehensive review of Ipswich City Council’s flagship Waste and Circular Economy Transformation Policy Directive since its initiation in 2020; this review has paved the way for new actions to further enhance our waste management strategies.

I want to highlight the unanimous support from all councillors for the strategic approach embedded in the directive, emphasising systemic changes in waste, resource recovery, and the circular economy. Our commitment to delivering improved outcomes for residents remains unwavering, with ongoing dedication to the directive’s implementation and clear accountabilities for actions and future steps.
Presenting a report at the first council meeting of 2024, I am proud to share the outputs and outcomes achieved so far, underscoring the need for continued efforts. The council has taken a proactive stance, approving the implementation of a city-wide food organics, garden organics (FOGO) service. Securing a substantial $9 million in Queensland Government funding will support the service’s comprehensive implementation, including additional bins, caddies, and educational programs, in collaboration with a best practice FOGO processing partner.
The Waste and Circular Economy Transformation Policy Directive outlines a series of actions to drive our objectives forward. These include joint objectives with the new Waste and Recycling Industry of Queensland (WRIQ) Chief Executive Officer, ongoing review and development of contract specifications, and proactive compliance programs with waste industry operators. The directive also highlights initiatives such as mining void analysis, consideration of incentives for circular economy businesses, and ongoing advocacy efforts to influence legislation for in-vessel composting of organic waste.
I look forward to the review of the directive and the results obtained, which encompass the creation, approval, and execution of a Resource Recovery Strategy for the period 2021-2031, along with a corresponding Resource Recovery Implementation Plan.
The Ipswich City Council, under my role as Deputy Mayor and Division 4 Councillor, remains dedicated to the success of the Waste and Circular Economy Transformation Policy Directive. The implementation of the FOGO service, along with ongoing strategic actions and advocacy, reflects our commitment to fostering sustainable waste management practices and ensuring a healthier environment for the Ipswich community.
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