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Tough compliance wanted for New Chum dump site after fire

The State Government has closed our borders and put tough restrictions on business to save us from COVID health implications, but Ipswich residents have had health concerns for years, after multiple rubbish dumps were allocated to the area.

On Sunday, Ipswich residents were subjected to heavy smoke and fumes after a 900sqm fire broke out at Cleanaway’s New Chum landfill site.

Members of the Ipswich community have said that the effects of the fire were felt west to Yamanto, Ipswich CBD and north to Karalee.

Mayor Harding has written to the State Government Minister for Environment and Science Leeane Enoch, demanding that action was taken immediately against the company. She expects Cleanaway to be fined millions and that the State Government would throw the full weight of the law behind the matter.

The company has been ordered to conduct an independent investigation into its current stockpile and fire management processes, while Ipswich City Council carried out a fresh audit at the site this week. Presently, there is no legal instrument available that Ipswich City Council can use to sanction Cleanaway so it is up to the State Government to come down hard on the company.

As a community we have done great work to reduce our environmental impact and with many vulnerable people in our community who are already suffering from asthma or other respiratory illnesses, I find it extremely disappointing that this fire has occurred and created a major health hazard for our city.

If Ipswich is to become Queensland’s next big city, then the State Government needs to take the problems that we have with landfill and waste companies and treat them as important as they are treating COVID.


Queensland’s environmental regulator has taken action following Sunday’s fire at the Cleanaway recycling facility at New Chum.

An Environmental Protection Order (EPO) has been issued to the company.

The EPO requires Cleanaway to:

by August 3, investigate what caused the fire, review the security arrangements of the premises and provide a written report to the department;
by August 3, engage the services of an independent, appropriately qualified person to investigate the current stockpile management processes and fire management arrangements; and
by August 31, the independent, appropriately qualified person, is to provide a report, including a list of recommendations, to the department.
Cleanaway’s activities at New Chum will continue to be monitored, with site visits to be conducted as necessary over the next few days.

This is a timely reminder for all waste and recycling businesses to ensure they are doing everything in their power to prevent similar kinds of incidents at their facilities.

This fire was particularly concerning due to its proximity to a residential area.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services attended the fire at 4.25pm on Sunday afternoon and report that the fire was fully contained by 7.45pm.



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