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Cr Milligan says there’s a lot of work to do

Brassall resident Russell Milligan has been sworn in as Councillor for Ipswich City Council’s Division 4, alongside Kate Kunzelmann.

Cr Milligan has said that there is a lot of work to do to restore confidence in the community and have Council seen to be working on behalf of residents and ratepayers.

“We must restore honour and pride back to Ipswich and at the same time, Council must play its part in helping relieve any financial stress that has been imposed on our community, as a result of Covid-19,” he said.

“I have said that I wanted to focus on getting back to the basics of delivering cost effective and efficient services to Ipswich City. I now also want to focus on working with local businesses, as well as the State and Federal Governments, to create jobs locally and minimise the damage to our local economy.”

“Ipswich used to be a centre for industry and manufacturing and with recent global events, it is becoming more evident that we have relied on other countries too heavily. I now want to ensure that Council acknowledges this and looks to help bring back an Australian-owned and backed workforce, in Ipswich.”

Cr Milligan has said that he looks forward to working with Ms Kunzelmann and all other elected Councillors.

“I congratulate Teresa Harding on her election as Mayor. I have confidence in her ability to lead Ipswich in our return to democratically elected representation.”

“I ask the residents of Ipswich to put aside their political differences and let’s focus not on left or right, but what is good for Ipswich. I am not a member of any political party and will work with all Councillors to get the job done.”

“I thank Division 4 voters for placing their trust in me. Please know that my door will always be open to you and I will not let you down. I will not forget that as your Councillor, I work for you.”



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