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Ipswich City Council teams up with the Chambers of Commerce

Ipswich small businesses have really been hit hard, during this pandemic and Ipswich City Council have been working to come up with new ways and ideas to support these.

I am excited to announce that Ipswich City Council has teamed up with the region’s peak business bodies – the Greater Springfield and Ipswich Region chambers of commerce, which will help deliver more events, programs and education for small businesses.

At the signing of the agreements, Mayor Teresa Harding said that developing strong partnerships with the chambers was a priority for council, recognising the strategic importance of collaborating for the benefit of local businesses.

I have been in discussions with both chambers and got to know their leadership team and Ipswich is very lucky to have these support systems available.

I hope that this new partnership will be beneficial to Ipswich businesses and together, Council and the chambers can create new opportunities for the region.

Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce president Neil Coupland said the partnership was “tremendous” for the local business community.

“It’s a shot in the arm for our local businesses,” he said.

“They can look at this and see that the local council has their back at a time when they need it most.

“Most of us have never been through a situation like COVID-19 before, which in itself creates its own unique set of challenges for our business community.

“This partnership will enable us to help local businesses to gain the knowledge and tools they need to move forward in the wake of the pandemic.”

Ipswich Chamber of Commerce and Industry chief executive officer Phillip Bell said the partnership represents a giant leap forward for the business community.

“We’ve eagerly awaited this partnership with council which represents its commitment to working collaboratively alongside the business community,” Mr Bell said.

“It means, for the first time in several years, the chamber’s and council’s efforts to support the local business community are aligned.

“This will ensure more meaningful and effective support across the board at a time when our community needs it most.”

He said the business community had already benefitted from the partnership.

“The chamber and council worked together to produce COVID-safe signing and a range of digital templates to enable businesses to navigate through COVID-19 restrictions,” Mr Bell said.

“That was the first of a number of collaborative projects, programs and events for the chamber and council, which will also include the Business Excellence Awards later this year.”

Thank you again to the Ipswich Region and Greater Springfield chambers – I look forward to creating a bright future together, for Ipswich business owners.

If you would like to learn more about these chambers, please visit their websites below.

Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce

Ipswich Region Chamber of Commerce



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