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A book about a little girl and her kitten has an important message

A new home-grown book about responsible pet ownership is set to hit the shelves of Ipswich libraries next month.

The book is the second in a series that reinforces key educational messages about responsible pet ownership to Ipswich children.

Chocolate is a kitten and the star of the new book that has been published by Ipswich Libraries to connect with young readers.

Councillor Russell Milligan said responsible pet ownership was important.

“The book series is a great way for council to educate young residents about how to care for their pet and why it is important to microchip and register them with council,” Cr Milligan said

“While microchipping allows any lost animals to be returned to their owners, registration improves facilities and services like off leash parks and fenced dog parks along with shelter facilities.

“Ipswich is a family-friendly city and having a pet can raise overall life enjoyment, but we want to protect our wildlife and the environment as well.”

Stakeholder Engagement Officer Nicole Grant penned both books in the series because she wanted to address the subject in a child-friendly way.

“I am hoping the book will be able to reach children from kindergarten to year 6 across Ipswich and beyond,” she said.

“The more children and parents the book reaches, the better, nothing will please me more than seeing the book in the hands of the right audience.

“I am looking forward to reading the book to my children who are bound to tell me if I have done a good job or not.”

Ipswich City Council teamed up with Tadaa who illustrate, design, edit and develop books.

Tadaa’s Springfield based Ozan Tortop took the story from the page and turned it into an eye-catching printed book.

Best Friends Forever Kitten Time is a continuation on from the first book published in 2018 Best Friends Forever which was a story about a little girl, Lucy adopting a dog named Patch.

Lucy not only gets a best friend, she learns some important lessons about owning a pet along the way.

Best Friends Forever Kitten Time continues this story with Lucy looking to adopt a friend to keep Patch company when she returns to school.

She visits the Animal Adoption Centre and meets a sweet little kitten but has to decide if the cat will be a suitable addition to their family.

The book will be distributed throughout Ipswich Libraries and will be available to educators and vets.

Article by Jodie Richter.



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