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New Keanes Bridge connects Rosewood and surrounds

The recently operational Keanes Bridge on Keanes Road in Rosewood promises enhanced load capacity and improved safety for motorists, offering substantial benefits to the community. This new concrete structure replaces the aging timber bridge, originally constructed around 1940, which had reached the end of its operational life.

The project involved not only the replacement of the bridge but also a strategic realignment to enhance overall safety for motorists. By intelligently aligning the new bridge, the existing structure could remain in use during construction, enabling the prompt demolition of the old bridge once the new one became operational.

The decision to replace the previous timber bridge, beyond its operational lifespan and requiring costly maintenance, ensures a more cost-effective and value-for-money solution for the community. The new $2.2 million concrete bridge over Hopper Crossing on the Bremer River was made possible through a partnership between Ipswich City Council and the Australian Government’s Bridges Renewal Program, contributing over $1.7 million to the project.

Federal Minister for Regional Development, Local Government, and Territories, Kristy McBain MP, highlighted the ongoing partnership with local governments, emphasising an annual investment of $85 million to upgrade and replace ageing bridges in regional and rural communities.

Federal Member for Blair Shayne Neumann MP expressed the pride of the Albanese Government in collaborating with Ipswich City Council to deliver this crucial replacement. Recognising the significance of Keanes Bridge for the local community, Neumann emphasised the project’s contribution to greater safety for residents and visitors, as well as improved efficiency for local businesses in connecting with markets and customers.

Growth, Infrastructure, and Waste Committee Chair and Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding underscored the importance of securing funding and collaborative efforts with the Australian Government. She highlighted that the new bridge, more durable and fit for purpose, not only ensures a safer permanent crossing for the community but also eliminates the need for a temporary low-level crossing. The replacement of Keanes Bridge stands as a testament to Ipswich City Council’s commitment to providing lasting infrastructure benefits to its residents.



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