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Russell Milligan

16 March 2024

Strength & Stability for Ipswich

Dear Division 4 Residents,

Thank you for your support during my first term as your Division 4 Ipswich City Councillor, Deputy Mayor and Chair of Council’s Environment & Sustainability Committee

As we face a cost-of-living crisis, I commit to continuing to advocate for council to deliver local government core services to the standard expected by our community while minimising the financial impact on ratepayers and residents. Our region’s liveability is paramount, especially with a growing population; My pledge to you, if re-elected, is to uphold my civic duty, to put my community first, to provide strength in advocacy on your behalf and stability in representation for our community.

Looking forward, there are some key projects that will shape Ipswich’s future and I have been putting forward our Division’s concerns and needs to council during the planning and construction stages. These projects include:

Your continued support is vital as we navigate the challenges and work towards a brighter and prosperous future together.

I ask for your assistance again at this election to enable me to continue as your voice in our Ipswich City Council.

– Russell Milligan
Division 4 Candidate – City of Ipswich

My performance as your Councillor...

Strength in advocacy for external funding for major infrastructure projects to advance Ipswich

The good governance of your local government, providing stability in representation and a return of civic pride

Responsible financial management in the development of each annual budget to ensure the delivery of the core local government services

preservation and restoration of the Natural environment of ipswich through The development and delivery of the new Natural Environment Strategy

A comprehensive review of waste management, leading to the development and delivery of the new Resource Recovery Strategy


Bring Back
Civic Pride

To ensure that the return to elected representation in local government for Ipswich City Council is honourable...

Prioritisation of Infrastructure Projects

I will strive to work together with all other elected Councillors and Council's Executive to identify the major infrastructure...

Improve Community

I will actively work to help improve our community's safety by promoting the development of community groups...

Improve Public Transport

We must make sure that Ipswich residents have access to satisfactory and affordable public transport...

Maintenance & Upgrade of Roads

I will ensure that the maintenance and upgrade programs for council controlled roads is well planned...

Waste Management & Recycling

I will work to improve our waste management and recycling operations. The situation where our elected...


Russell Milligan

In 2020, I was elected as a Division 4 Councillor of the City of Ipswich and in 2023, I became Deputy Mayor. During my first term of council, I have served as Chair of the Environment & Sustainability Committee which is a role I have thoroughly enjoyed since upholding a balance of city living and environmental preservation is imperative as our city’s population grows.

I am an Ipswich local, previously self-employed as a telecommunications technician and conduct a small business employing up to 6 sub-contractors.  I built my first home in Rosewood in 1992, cementing my personal history in the greater Ipswich region and now live in Brassall.

My personal development and discipline has been strongly influenced by a military career. I initially served as an Infantry Rifleman, then progressed to becoming a Commissioned Officer, serving as a Military Police Platoon Commander.

My previous community involvement includes SES, Rural Fire Brigade, RSL sub-branch, Freemasonry and community fundraising.

Growing up, Local Government matters were a constant subject of discussion in our home, with my father Bob Milligan being an elected member of Laidley Shire Council for almost 20 years.

I am not a member of any community group or political party. This has allowed me to maintain an unbiased commitment to Local Government representation.

I look forward to continuing to serve as your Councillor and I ask for your vote once again on 16 March.

Russell Milligan serves Division 4 & Ipswich





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